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The Laguna Seca by Omologato®

January 12, 2016

When we at Omologato® set out to design a watch that paid homage to this notoriously difficult track we wanted to design something as unique as the track. We didn't just want to offer a piece that just had the name - the watch had to earn it. It had to be focussed. It had to have Motorsport DNA.

We went through history and noted that no one had ever done an affordable motorsport watch with a face that tilted at 45 degrees, so the driver wearing the watch doesn't have to move their hand off the steering wheel in order to see the time.  A simple solution, leaving them to concentrate on the road or track.

To further enhance the detailing, note both the number 12 and the contrast stitching on the watch are in Laguna Seca Blue. 

We are making a special production run of this Professional Series drivers timepiece. 

Only 50 handmade First Edition pieces will be made available for delivery at the end of March.

The backs of each First Edition timepiece will be engraved with the track layout, Omologato and numbered individually.  

If you wear your watch on the right hand then please do let us know when you order so we can send you a right handed version

*Photograph has been manipulated to illustrate how this watch would look when worn. 

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